Benefits of Using Wikis for Website promotion

Published: 30th March 2010
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Benefits of Using Wikis for Website promotion

Wikis have instantly become very popular nowadays and are being used by those people

firstly for sharing knowledge and expertise on a wide topic with others. In
a nutshell wiki structure allows one to create a webpage that can be
accessed and modified easily by everyone. Each wiki has a strong focuses on a
particular topic of interests. People use wikis to
collaborate and share important information with each other. Apart from the
well-known Wikipedia then there is such an impressive number of other wikis on
the Internet. As the title of the blog says that wikis effectively can be used very
successfully to improve your search engine marketing efforts for web promotion . Both as
a contributor on side others wikis and also as creator of your own wiki you can
gain a number of benefits ofcours e from a search engine marketing point of

From a search engine optimisation perspective although wikis have a wide number of
benefits that purposely refer to both linking strategy and also as quality of the sites
as seen by the search engines. As search engine optimisation
consultants and as a result we have identified as major advantages:

1. Ability to further include your targeted keywords as a anchor text. The use
of these exact keyword together with the context that in which it is used
makes it more likely for people to get link to it. Also as people link to
wiki entries using a wide number of keywords stalwartly related to the topic.

2. Get a high number of deep links is really important to Increase Page Rank of pages across
the site through all them.

3. Getting a high number of inbound links right from the different source

4. It statistavlly allows you to use headings and titles and giving a boost to your on
site optimisation.

5. Wikis are also seen as a high quality sites by search engines. Therefore
the links all you get from them will automatically have further a faster and more
effective impact whole on your rankings.

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